Examples of great IoT ideas that turns into customer success

Turning great ideas into customer success – how Acal BFi are solving IoT design challengesWe have brought together eight examples of where our close partnerships and technical design support has solved customers’ design challenges and made the impossible possible in the markets: Medical – Industrial – Smart home – Enviromental.

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🔹 Medical
•  Supporting the development of ‘sip and puff’ motion control to give quadriplegics their independence back
•  Enabling the effective deployment of CPAP devices with a wireless monitoring solution

🔹 Industrial
•  Improving industrial gas operation safety with a new intelligent sensor solution
•  Effectively and wirelessly managing remote irrigation systems where water is scarce

🔹 Smart home
•  Bringing an antiquated metering system into the IoT universe with a new digital solution
•  Streamlining the analogue meter reading process with a brand new wireless solution

🔹 Enviromental
•  Investigating urban air quality with data from connected smart street lighting
•  Integrating a robust, compact, dual-wireless solution to enable a new generation of smart HVAC systems

Everyday across Europe we work with customers as an extension of their in-house teams, supporting them with innovative designs and leading-edge technologies. Our engineers are the specialists who combine technology expertise with sector experience to find the right solution for the customer’s application and challenges.


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