PerkinElmer - Improving the Health and Safety of People and the Environment

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PerkinElmer, Inc. is a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment. Our dedicated team of 8,000 employees worldwide are passionate about providing customers with an unmatched experience as they help solve critical issues in human and environmental health. Our innovative detection, imaging, informatics and service capabilities, combined with deep market knowledge and expertise, help customers gain greater insights into their science to better protect our environment, our food supply and the health of our families.

Together, we are making a difference for the better:

For more effective drugs: PerkinElmer technologies and expertise were instrumental in the development of 22 novel therapeutic drugs.

For better treatment: We touch over one million lives every year through cancer treatment with our advances in digital imaging technology.

For a cleaner and safer environment:  Each year, our detection solutions are used to analyze approximately 2.25 billion air, water and soil samples - reducing the risk of contaminants.

For a safer food supply: In 2015, we analyzed 220 million tons of wheat for quality within the global grain supply chain.

For more informed scientific decisions: Deploying over 300 Spotfire licenses across enterprises so researchers can better capture and visualize insights.

 For healthier babies: Our neonatal and newborn screening technologies have aided in screening over  520 million babies worldwide for a variety of life-threatening diseases, helping them get a healthier start.

The path to lab efficiency: Our OneSource services team leverages deep scientific knowledge and expertise in the development of the most comprehensive suite of scientific laboratory services.

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