Exposant/Exhibitor Wereld/World Hal/Hall Stand nummer/Stand number
A&E Trading B.V. World of Motion & Drives
A1 Electronics Netherlands B.V. World of Electronics
AE Sensors B.V. World of Automation
Aerzen Nederland Industrial Processing
ALTHEN Sensors & Controls World of Electronics
Amkor Zeefdruk B.V. World of Electronics
Anton Paar Benelux BVBA World of Laboratory
Avantes World of Laboratory
AZO NV Industrial Processing
B&R Industriële Automatisering World of Motion & Drives
Balluff B.V. World of Motion & Drives
Bedu Pompen Industrial Processing
Bender Benelux BV World of Motion & Drives
BGB Analytik Benelux B.V. World of Laboratory
Bihl + Wiedemann GmbH World of Automation
BIOKÉ World of Laboratory
Bronkhorst Nederland World of Automation
Brooks Instrument World of Automation
Buram Electro B.V. World of Laboratory
Bürkert Contromatic BV World of Automation
Busch B.V. Industrial Processing
C.N. Rood World of Electronics
CC Nederland B.V. World of Automation
Chrom8 International B.V. World of Laboratory
Danfoss B.V. World of Motion & Drives
Dinnissen B.V. Industrial Processing
Distrimex Pompen & Service B.V. Industrial Processing
Duranmatic B.V. World of Automation
MyProto / DVC NV World of Electronics
Dynamic Drives World of Motion & Drives
Elobau Benelux B.V. World of Motion & Drives
ELSTO Drives & Controls World of Motion & Drives
EUCHNER (Benelux) B.V. World of Automation
Eurocircuits World of Electronics
Formit BV World of Electronics
Formulatrix World of Laboratory
GC biotech World of Laboratory
Gilson International World of Laboratory
GL Sciences BV World of Laboratory
Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland World of Laboratory
Hamilton Bonaduz AG World of Automation
Hanna Instruments bv World of Laboratory
Helmholz Benelux World of Automation
Helukabel BV World of Motion & Drives
Hettich Benelux World of Laboratory
HPS Industrial B.V. World of Automation
I-Label World of Laboratory
ifm electronic b.v. World of Automation
ILME SpA World of Motion & Drives
Isotron Systems B.V. World of Automation
IXON B.V. World of Motion & Drives
JSB World of Laboratory
JUMO Meet- en Regeltechniek B.V. World of Automation
Lab Services World of Laboratory
LabWare Limited World of Laboratory
Lechler SA/NV Industrial Processing
Multipomp B.V. Industrial Processing
Norgren B.V. World of Motion & Drives
Pedeo Hogedrukgieterij World of Electronics
PMT Benelux NV World of Laboratory
Romal World of Electronics
Rotero Holland World of Motion & Drives
Samtec Europe GmbH Industrial Processing
SCHURTER Electronics B.V. World of Electronics
Screening Devices World of Laboratory
Sierra Instruments World of Automation
SigmaControl B.V. World of Automation
STEMMER-IMAGING World of Automation
Sysmex Nederland B.V. World of Laboratory
tbp electronics World of Electronics
Technex b.v. World of Laboratory
Thermo Electra Temperature Sensor Solutions World of Automation
Transfer Multisort Elektronik B.V. World of Electronics
Turck BV World of Automation
UNIS Group Industrial Processing
Vaisala World of Automation
VDW CoolSystems BV World of Laboratory
Vierpool B.V. World of Automation
Vierpool B.V. World of Automation
Waters Chromatography World of Laboratory
Westfalen Gassen Nederland B.V. World of Laboratory
Zilvertron B.V. World of Motion & Drives

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