Clean and Dry Oil is a Must !

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Water is a common type of contamination in hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Water in oil eg. sea water or proces water, leads to depletion of additives as well
as formation of rust and bacterial growth, increasing degradation of the oil.

All of these factors lead to reduced lifetime of both components and oil and the risk of
breakdown of production process or vessel operation.

Clean and Dry Oil is a Must !

The CJC™ Desorbers provide solutions for removal of water (eg. sea water, proces
water) in mineral, synthetic and high viscosity oils. The patented principle ensures all types of water, dissolved, emulsified and free water are removed from the oil, even EAL oils !

Because the Desorber does not apply a vacuum the risk of oil foaming is to reduced to a minimum. The discharged water is not vaporized but drained as a liquid, hence ideal to use the measured amount of discharged water per time period as an indication for ie. the seal condition of ship proposal systems.

Meet CC Jensen at the WOTS2018 to learn more about our solutions to remove all kinds of water from hydraulic and lubrication type fluids.